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With the changing of seasons and the upcoming colder months, rats and mice are already beginning to forage and look for areas to dwell during the colder months. Many times, these rodents find areas that are dark, relatively warm and have very little exposure to outside activity. Because rats do not have very good eye-sight, they depend on structures in their environment that don’t typically move. “Feeling” they’re ways around the room using their highly sensitive whiskers, they track around structures like walls and appliances to get to sources of water and food. If source of food, water, or shelter is detected, rats have been known to chew through and make nests in floors, walls, and attics. 


At Webb Pest Service, we have a very strong reputation in our communities of being a reliable way to get rid of rodents and protect houses from further invasions. Our rodent services are completely customizable to your needs. We have options of trapping, baiting, monitoring, and performing exclusion work depending on your specific needs. 


To get ahead of future rodent invasions, please call us to find out how we can help!

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